Meet GaiaGo’s new brand identity

in Sep 04, 2020

Over the years we’ve been refining our technology to give rise to Community Mobility Sharing and provide communities with an inclusive, accessible and sustainable mobility service.  With time we evolved our model to enable people to use mobility at a low cost and create an ecosystem that integrates mobility into spaces, aggregates it whilst connecting[…]

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GaiaGo & Sorgenia, together to launch the first Community Mobility Sharing project

in Feb 13, 2020

Starting from today, mobility won’t just be electric. Instead, it will become a means to bring back into a community the social meaning of sharing. With GaiaGo, the first electric mobility platform integrated into buildings, mobility becomes sustainable, inclusive, and a powerful tool to bring people together.  We call it Community Mobility Sharing.   Sustainable[…]

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