Meet GaiaGo’s new brand identity

in Sep 04, 2020

Over the years we’ve been refining our technology to give rise to Community Mobility Sharing and provide communities with an inclusive, accessible and sustainable mobility service.  With time we evolved our model to enable people to use mobility at a low cost and create an ecosystem that integrates mobility into spaces, aggregates it whilst connecting it to local and national brands.

We believe that mobility should be optimized to be fully sustainable and integrated into spaces. We aim at shaping a world where people can move around for free and in a green, accessible way and where mobility becomes the tipping point for urban regeneration projects. Our new look not only reflects our approach but it also expresses our metamorphosis.


Since the beginning, our logo presented two shades, green and grey and it was characterized by the rounded and full shapes of the earth (Gaia, in Latin).


While the “a” of Gaia was meant to recall the icon of a GPS tracker, the color green represented the sustainable footprint that still characterizes us today and the rounded shapes stood for the inclusiveness of a service dedicated to communities. Over time we have reworked it to try to give the font more lightness, making it more streamlined and readable, experimenting with brighter green and a dark gray color.


From being an electric mobility platform integrated into spaces, we became an aggregative platform that creates the first Mobility as a Marketplace. In this hectic world, GaiaGo wants to encourage people to take action and pursue their passions, change without waiting for things to happen. The creative idea behind this was to adopt the line as a graphic sign that recalls movement and spur us to follow a path that leads from a decision to concrete action. Colors become bright, warm, and dynamic. The shapes recall the original ones and do not distort the original logo but the colors and the new graphic sign enhance our new essence: the initiative.


We believe there can be no change in the world without people’s initiative, so why don’t you start now?

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