GaiaGo & Sorgenia, together to launch the first Community Mobility Sharing project

in Feb 13, 2020

Starting from today, mobility won’t just be electric. Instead, it will become a means to bring back into a community the social meaning of sharing. With GaiaGo, the first electric mobility platform integrated into buildings, mobility becomes sustainable, inclusive, and a powerful tool to bring people together.  We call it Community Mobility Sharing.


Sustainable and sharing mobility comes to your company! 

The community of Sorgenia, the first Italian digital energy company, will be able to use this innovative mobility solution. Employees can plan their trips, book the use of electric vehicles through the App and use charging stations. The low number of cars has been determined with a view to optimizing mobility: fewer vehicles, electric, and used in sharing. This way, mobility is optimized according to the number of mobility hours the community needs to move around. This represents the first step to build circular mobility.

Being able to access electric mobility, as well as educating users to correct behaviors towards vectors, are two of the main challenges we’re looking to meet. With Sorgenia, with whom we share the goal of promoting clean energy and a greener lifestyle, we have decided to launch our first Community Mobility Sharing project.

The new Sorgenia headquarter in Milan, designed after a dynamic, flexible, and “human-oriented” conception, becomes a mobility hub. The employee’s experience in his workplace is made complete with a service that, according to the design and our vision, aims at promoting a sense of inclusivity and belonging.


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