Arch Week 2019: anthropocene and architecture

in Jan 03, 2020


Reflecting on the city of the future, on new social dynamics and on urban challenges is increasingly becoming a relevant matter. Where pollution and the impact of urban development are putting our environment at risk, transforming our cities for the better is no longer a thing of the past. All these topics will be at the center of the debate at Milan Arch Week 2019 and from 21st to 26st of May Meetings, workshops, lectures, and urban explorations will allow talented architects, urbanists and experts of the mobility sector to extend this discourse to the whole city. Highly qualified speakers will discuss the current state of the art, the vision and the scenarios, in addition to the needs and critical issues.

Milan will be the main stage for mobility platforms: specifically, the beating hearts of this year’s manifestation will be Fondazione Feltrinelli, Politecnico, and Triennale. The topics of this third edition will be strictly related to the themes of the XXII Triennale “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival”. Environmental sustainability, decarbonisation, smart city, technological development, and social transformation will be discussed in relation to urban spaces and examined from an architectural and urbanistic point of view. Cities represent the place as well as the opportunity where human beings can repair their “broken” relationship with the environment and act against the damaging effects of climate change. 

GaiaGo is not only one of the event’s partners but it will also take part in the discussion about innovative mobility solutions, urban regeneration, and future scenarios. Its contribute will be decisive to focus the debate on the concept of Home Brand Experience and of Community Mobility Sharing. Through these themes, sustainable solutions meet community aggregation solutions. Overall, the objective is to identify new criteria, services, rules and spaces within the urban and the construction project and to encourage stakeholders to work on eco-friendly mobility and urban projects with a major focus on sustainability. 


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