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Do you work in the Real Estate sector?

Activate the GaiaGo platform in your building! We are able to develop and deliver a tailor-made project based on the specifics of your property and the needs of your community. Integrating an electric fleet doesn’t just enable you to offer an additional service to your tenants but it also enhances the value of your property.

Find out all the benefits:

  • Benefit from the discounts on the volumetry of urban spaces
  • Benefit from more incentives on the property’s sale
  • Take part in the innovation in mobility and make your building smarter 

GaiaGo provides you with physical (electric fleet and charging infrastructures) e digital tools (the digital platform and the Marketplace) to boost the technological and innovative side of your property. Besides, our mobility solution will enable you and your community to strengthen the link with the territory and the neighborhood, thanks to locale advertisers. All this while allowing the users the benefit from the Community Mobility Sharing.

Who has already chosen us

Are you thinking about offering electric mobility to your users and looking for a partner able to design a project according to your property needs? 

Watch the video and find out how Community Mobility Sharing works 

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